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  • The Panch Tattva

    The Panch Tattva

    Panch Tattva Solo -Modern contemporary art showcase at the Vivekanand Sustainability Summit on 12 April 2023 at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre New Delhi.  by Artist Vikash kalra Vikash Kalra, a talented artist, and environmentalist captivated the art world with his Panch Tattva Solo -Modern contemporary art showcase at the Vivekanand Sustainability Summit on 12 April […]

  • The Lonely Man- Primitivism and Simplicity

    The Lonely Man- Primitivism and Simplicity

    ents of folk art styles from different directions. It indeed looks like moving backward in time. You may call it whatever you want, call it modern, minimalist, simple, primal but the facts will remain the same that the definition of modernism is about moving more towards simple to the simpler. For instance, when we study paintings and drawings of some of the most contemporary artists such as Picasso, Jamini Roy, Vikash Kalra, Francis Bacon, or F.N. Souza we see the same touch of simplicity or in the modern word “minimalist”.

  • Analyzing Art with different artworks

    Analyzing Art with different artworks

    Vikash Kalra and M.F. Hussain The painting on the right side is of M.F. Hussain. He painted the dream of Maya or Maya’s Dream as the title of the painting. Here, he is depicting either the birth of Lord Buddha or the dream of Maya in which she saw an elephant entering in her womb. […]

  • Souza’s contemporary touch

    Souza’s contemporary touch

    Some of the great painters of the last century applied a very random and violent structural theme, where they have pronounced the undertaking feelings or the social structure while considering their own style of works. When they were created and exhibited audience was disgusted while critics were confused but there was something that got attached […]

  • Feeling depressed? Try art.

    Feeling depressed? Try art.

    Introduction We are human beings and we feel ups and downs in our life, it is a completely normal phenomenon. The most important thing to focus on is- how can we tackle this? We all have families, friends, professional life, personal life, and a lot more. It is unbeatable to get stressed sometimes but feeling […]



    He was the youngest of 13 siblings. On 7 May 1861, he was born to the Debendranath Tagore and Sarada Devi in Calcutta. He was mainly raised by the servants; his mother died a few years after his birth. His father traveled widely.  It was the time of the Bengal Renaissance and his family was […]

  • Madhubani Paintings

    Madhubani Paintings

    It is an Indian-style painting practiced in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. It is a traditional folk painting that is created by using different tools such as twigs, brushes, nib-pens, natural dyes, and many others. These paintings are eye-catching geometrical patterns.   These paintings are traditionally created by women belonging to various communities […]

  • Expressionism Meaning and Brief History

    Expressionism Meaning and Brief History

    It is an artistic style in which an artist tries to depict subjective emotions rather than objective reality. It is a response from the artist to the events or the objects which have aroused his emotions. Most artists try to accomplish this by satire, distortion, exaggeration, primitivism, and fantasy. Although, they can also use vivid […]

  • Things we learn from art

    Things we learn from art

    Art is a medium of expressing, beauty, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It helps us in making sense of the world we live in. it doesn’t give factual or rigid conclusions like science and mathematics but it does offer us a perspective of other people. There are lots of arguments related to the usefulness of art […]

  • Tone in drawings

    Tone in drawings

    Creating one, with shades makes the drawings look more convincing. The use of tone in drawings arose after the lines drawings. In Pompeii, frescoes have a total area that gives forms and figures to the subjects.  It helps the artist to express the subjects in different forms. When tones are established on a line drawing, […]