Things we learn from art

Things we learn from art

Art is a medium of expressing, beauty, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It helps us in making sense of the world we live in. it doesn’t give factual or rigid conclusions like science and mathematics but it does offer us a perspective of other people.

There are lots of arguments related to the usefulness of art throughout the history of the western world. Plato used to believe that reading is only for the short term and indulging too much in it could lead to some chemical imbalance in our brain. While Aristotle thought about art as a wonderful tool to get out from some unpleasant emotions.

Let’s find out what are other things that art offers us:

It offers creativity

Paintings, photography, writing, or even editing some random photos offer us a chance to create something new. When we put some color on papers we try to create something and that efforts push us to think about “what and how” and when we drive down to get the answer for the what and how we have to get creative.  This process of creating gives our minds a chance to explore something unique and new. And when we thrive for something unique that creates a movement in the mind of a person then it is an art. 


Art is chaotic. It creates a sense of randomness in the mind of artists. This randomness is necessary in life. It offers us a chance to take a look at our life from multiple angles.  When we look at life from different angles, we open multiple doors of possibilities. Randomness that is positive, productive, and fulfilling.  

It can be negative too but we should have a sense of randomness at a reasonable quantity in our life. It is like holidaying after months of work. Well, normally we try to be very organized but as an artist, you will have to be a little random to spark new dimensions and creative aspects in your works.


Artists’ expression couldn’t be limited in anyways and freedom couldn’t be an option for them but a necessity. While it required freedom for the expressions, it is important that we get freedom after expressing too. This is an aspect that is not touched by the many. If you are expressing something which means you are getting rid of something emotional or thoughtful subject that was wandering in your mind. And after expression, we get free from that thought or in some cases emotions. So it is vice versa, expression gives freedom and freedom gives expression.


The freedom we get from expression is part of artistic endeavors. The first and foremost role of art is the expression of thoughts, emotions, or feelings.  Expressing yourself in any form of art i.e. painting writing, or music instrument playing will act as a therapy for your brain.

There is a reason behind calling art movement expressionism because it was more focused on the expressions of the subjects in comparison to the objective reality. So, in art, it is more important to have an emotional canal between the art and artists rather than objects.


The experiment is what keeps creativity alive in artists. An artist’s experiments explore the possibilities for new artworks. These new artworks should be the composition of all the research and development performed by the artists. These newly performed experiments help in uplifting the artists.

They are not only uplifting but also therapeutic in nature.

Stress buster

Art is one of the best stress busters.  It allows the artist to look beyond personal circumstances. It is indeed due to indulging yourself in art.  There are many ways to bust the stress but for an artist, art is the most important part which in turn changes the lookup from other options to the art.  

Writing your feelings and emotions or creating some artworks will only work for you for the better. If you are feeling stressed and searching for a way to get out from it then try art. It could be approached as a hobby and passion or as well as a career.  While you are thinking too much and not getting a way out of them it can be a good option for the positive use of time.  

It will keep you busy as well as help you create an experience that may help you to grow your mind exponentially.

Art helps in researching better

Curiosity is the key for any research and art ignites curiosity in the mind of viewers as well as in the artists.  These little researches help the artists and viewers to accumulate zeal for more curiosity. It also helped the viewers and artists to appreciate beauty.  Last but not least, it helps artists and viewers to become happy.





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