Souza’s contemporary touch

Some of the great painters of the last century applied a very random and violent structural theme, where they have pronounced the undertaking feelings or the social structure while considering their own style of works. When they were created and exhibited audience was disgusted while critics were confused but there was something that got attached to them from those artworks and that part play the most important role in their artwork success.

Artworks of Souza and Vikash

When we take look at the artworks of F.N. Souza we see the similarity of expression that is coincident with the artworks of Vikash Kalra. Recently, sold oil on canvas painting is quite aggressively and violently made matching with the style of Vikash artworks.

These kinds of works influence the larger generations of artists while at the same time leaving the clues that there is more space for expressionism than ever was. The painting sold on Pundole’s auction was INR70000000 which is roughly $942735.





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