laxman shreshtha

Laxman Shreshtha

Laxman Shreshtha is known for his abstract works that are sensuous and meditative in nature. The color shifting and composition are smooth.  His works assemble both chaos and peace in a rhythmic way. His paintings are composed of various, blue, brown, red, orange, and yellow colors.  His works capture the passion and little emotions of the viewers in a very subtle way.

Laxman Shrestha

These works accompany brooding, fierce, and cheerfulness.  Capturing emotions and releasing them smoothly through his artistic style is admirable.

 His works are related to his struggle in life. These works create a sense of that situation in an artistic way. His journey from being from a splendid family in Nepal to a struggling student on a brink of starvation; He has seen the highest and lowest of life. His spiritual quest can be seen in his abstract paintings. His search for the answer to existential dilemmas in western philosophy to Upanishads and Buddhism could be seen in his art.

These abstracts intimidate the audience and the artist as well. Their shades present some soulful meanings for the viewers.


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