Lalu Prasad Shaw

Lalu Prasad Shaw

Lalu Prasad Show born in 1937 is a master of both printmaking and tempera. With the help of his technique and imagery, he brings modernity to printmaking. He looks after everyday life to get the subjects that help him to create simple objects and events.

In his small size tempera paintings, stylistic elements are derived from the nineteenth-century company school paintings and the from the Kalighat pat paintings.  His single figures or figurative paintings are created in the way that they are indigenous and sophisticated.

As Lalu Prasad was brought up in rural Bengal so, we can see his connection with the indigenous sensibilities. That brought significant change in his artistic style.  He has always had a zeal for creating paintings influenced by the Babu culture of Bengal which is why we can see a lot of male paintings assembling these kinds of spirits.  His works have been full of irony and subtle humor. Works have been displayed across India and the world. Consequently, he played a very important role in the revolution of the language of Indian modern art at the world stage.





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