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Jamini Roy: Santhal Mother & Child

Jamini Roy used organic substances in his paintings; it is well known that he only uses organic paints and pieces of cotton & tempera for his works and his works are amazing. The word amazing would maybe something underestimating. It is his art that was great and more valuable than the other contemporary artists. 

His painting Santhal mother and child is well known for the creativity of the artist and most importantly it grabs the very basic intuition and emotion of a primary human being’s feelings. It is due to his respect that he uses the constituent as organic as possible well as using this kind of substance in a mother-child relation is something more planned and execution strategically move which his colleagues lack.

Jamini Roy’s Painting

When I talk about very basic and very subtle fine art, what I mean is capturing both emotions as well as customs and in some cases, if the artist is of genius intellect he can carry forward the philosophical and scientific aspects too. 

The Santhal mother and child belong to that category of painting which does not cover the pure love of a mother and child but it also made us see a glimpse of both the scientific and natural history of human beings and so do the emotions.

If we review this particular painting, we get the real meaning of the affection which is completely pure and organic in the modern sense.

An art consisting of colors of emotions

Artists convey feelings and stories through their arts. It is absolutely right and it is the feelings of artists which provide a complete sense of life to the art. One man’s dedication and efforts play the important role in constructing the soul of a painting. It is this soul which has value in neither the paints nor the lines. If there are only lines and colors in systematic order as well as with meaning without soul, the result will be timid.

When we study an artist like Jamini Roy, the astonishment in their work is immeasurable. Thye never stops surprising us with their deep sense of meaning in their art. Their art which is seen as a symbol contains much more than that. They definitely offer us the different sense of life and scenes of life. Choosing a good matter is not as important as creating good content their single work contains the different areas of human feelings and emotions. It is the emotions in their arts which touch the lives of the populace. In the painting “Santhal Mother and Child” the artist touches the life of a common man with just mere brush strokes. There will be no word or sentence or even a book will be enough to describe how genius this particular work is. It is an accurately estimated painting with a precise touch of human emotions.





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